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About Us

  We at Elcom are making solutions in both ways to utilize ocean plastic washed ashore at the coastline (downstream), which accounts for about 80% of the marine debris on the coast of Japan. And the other way is to utilize industry plastic (upstream), which is said to be equivalent to about half of the waste plastic waste in Japan. We ally with the companies and organizations in this project, and through the unity of all the technologies that enable the effective reuse of plastic waste in the small loop as possible for sustainable resource circulation. We are working to stop Plastc from ending up in the ocean microplastics.  

Alliance companies

Supporting companies

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Our Mission

Effective & Sustainable

It is said that 8 million tons of marine plastic waste is generated annually in the world, and a lot of stranded plastic is washed ashore in the coastal areas of Japan. We regard these as valuable energy resources and aim to promote the regional revitalization of regional industries and add value.


Our Vision

Creative & Economic

Most industrial plastic waste is composite materials, dirt, and mixed.  Circulating plastic waste to the in-house arterial heat source, the companies discharging plastic waste can strengthen their ESG and add value to their supply chain to strengthen their business,


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